30 X Candle Liquid Colouring Dyes

30 x Liquid Wax Dyes 10ml Complete Collection

Tangerine – Punch Pink – Bright Yellow – Carolina Blue – salmon – Lavender – Bright Pink – Pale Yellow – Lilac – Mint Green – Blue Green – Orange Red – Pumpkin – Caramel – Grey Gold Fish Orange – Pastel Red – Fluorescent Yellow Blue – Peach – Royal Purple – Cerise Pink – Lemon Yellow – Violet – Aqua Green – Cooled Blue – Dark Orange – Peach Orange – Chocolate – Charcoal.

Our new candle making liquid dyes now offer more vibrant colours than ever before with are improved formula. Make your candles and wax melts stand out with colour. Our dye is highly concentrated and is manufactured to exceptional quality.

Colours are based of soy wax, so will be more intense in paraffin based waxes.

Each Colour is supplied in a handy 10ml dropper bottles for easy suspension. Our highly concentrated liquid candle dyes give superb results and are all formulated using only eco-friendly ingredients.

You can mix colours to make many new colours. The dyes disperse well in wax, giving a smooth, even colour. The high viscosity reduces splashing and spilling, making the dyes much easier to handle. These liquid dyes are vegetable oil based and soluble in oils.

When measuring dyes, measure by weight or by volume – do not alternate method of measurement between batches. Measuring the same product by weight or by volume will give you different results, so be consistent with the chosen method that suits your manufacturing process.

The recommended temperature for manufacturing with dyes is about 85ºC.Working at higher temperatures or prolonged exposure to heat can degrade the colours, causing fading or colour alteration to appear. Dyes should be stored under ambient conditions with containers kept closed.

10ml of dye wax will colour approx 1kg of soy wax.

1ml of dye colours 100g of wax. The more drops you use the more intense the colour.

We recommend you test a small quantity first to achieve the colour required. Our colour reference is a guide only.

All of our colours are made in house and fully compliant with EU Regulations.




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